A guide to washing your cloth nappies

A guide to washing your cloth nappies

When I started cloth diapering, the most intimidating part for me was getting my wash routine right. There seemed to be so many factors to consider, and I was anxious that I’d get it wrong—that my nappies would end up smelling.

Then I realised that there might seem to be a lot of ‘rules’ about it, but it only takes a few easy-to-remember tips to keep your reusables clean and smell-free.

Everyone has their own idea of how to wash cloth diapers, but if you follow or guide below, your nappies should stay in tip-top shape (and smell).

Quick-fire nappy-washing tips

An infographic with tips on washing cloth nappies

Top loader vs front loader

Depending on if you’ve got a top loader or front loader, you might need to adjust your wash routine slightly. It’s best to wash between 30°C and 40°C, but if your machine doesn’t get/make warm water, you can increase the wash time to make up for this. We recommend using your machine’s longest cycle; 2–3 hours is best.


Above all else, remember that it’s just laundry. You know how to do it and you’ve got this!

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