About us

Hello friend,

We’re Claire and Gareth, the couple behind Kid Got Style. We married in 2016 and have been together for over a decade.

We haven’t always owned Kid Got Style and the business didn’t always sell reusable cloth nappies. The original owners opened it in 2014 as a baby clothing brand, offering alternative and off-the-wall designs that just weren’t around then. Years before we were Kid Got Style’s proud parents, we were customers, buying unique clothes for our loved ones’ children.

When we found out it was up for sale, we jumped at the chance, and within a few weeks, we owned a business.

And then two years went by, and nothing happened.

Actually, a lot happened.

Claire and Gareth, the owners of Kid Got Style

A few weeks after we became business owners, we saw not one, but two precious heartbeats at our first prenatal scan.

Our twin girl and boy were born 10 days before the first lockdown started. We went into the hospital to meet our littles in a world only slightly different to the one we always knew. When we floated out of our maternity-ward bubble, we abruptly found ourselves in a sea of masks and gloves and thermometers and sanitiser stations. It was scary and we were alone without help for the first months of being parents.

However, time went on and we learned – like everyone – to survive in this new, crazy time. Slowly, our mental space opened up a little – enough to think about Kid Got Style again, and two things happened.

First, we knew that the original, authentic clothing that was so different and hard to come by a few years before, was now available everywhere. We didn’t want to do what everyone else was doing.

Second, we (OK, just Claire) became curiously addicted to the reusable cloth nappies we were using on our babies. If you’re a cloth mom or dad, you’ll understand what that feels like – or at least, know how to recognise the signs of addiction in a loved one.

As a mom, I just loved putting something more natural on my babies’ skin. I loved that I was contributing less to an environmental mess that my kids would have to one day clean up. I loved the money we saved not having to buy disposables for two children. I loved the adorable designs. I loved the big bums.

I wanted to help other moms and dads find this love too. It’s only in the cloth diaper world where you’ll find parents lamenting the day their toddler potty learns, and feeling sadness when they’ve realised that last cloth nappy has gone into the wash.

We re-launched Kid Got Style as a cloth nappy retailer on 19 July 2021, offering a small selection of pocket nappies and inserts. We wanted to offer designs that we would love to see on our own littles’ bums. So, we commissioned a local graphic artist to create some of our prints. These custom nappies are completely unique to us. No-one else in the world sells them and we are so, so proud to have supported a local artist – and to have created a sustainable product that is easy to fall in love with.

If you share our love for our environment, cloth nappies and are just generally a nice human being, we’d love it if you join our Facebook group – Kid Got Style Cloth Nappies. You can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. And if you prefer a more direct approach, hit us up on info@kidgotstyle.co.za and we’ll get back to you faster than you can button up a set of rise snaps.

With love,

❤ Claire & Gareth