How much are disposable nappies costing you?

How much are disposable nappies costing you?


An infographic showing how much disposable nappies cost in the long run

The cost of disposable nappies is extraordinary. In our infographic above, we’ve estimated that they cost R22,860 from birth to three years, assuming the average child will potty learn around that age. If your child is or has learned to use the toilet before this, simply add up the number up to their age bracket, and times it by R3—that’s how much you would have spent on disposable nappies by our calculations.

Even a high-end set of cloth nappies costs much less than this, with a popular overseas brand coming in at around R15,600 for a set of 24 reusable diapers.

How much does a Kid Got Style set cost?

As a baseline, a full-time set of flats and covers for the newborn phase from us would cost around R3300, while a full time set of pocket nappies, including two inserts per diaper, would cost you around R4800.* Think of all the things you could do with your baby with the money you’ll have saved. A holiday? That rocking chair you’ve had your eye on? Or even just a bit of relief on the basics, like food? And remember, if you take good care of them, cloth nappies can last through multiple children, and you can sell them as second-hand when you’re done with them.

Build your stash with us

If you’re looking to gradually build a stash of reusable cloth nappies, you can order from us and we’ll keep your goodies aside until you’re ready for us to send them. That way, you save on delivery fees too.


* Based on internal research.

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