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Flamingo Bingo

Flamingo Bingo

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Let’s play a little game called Flamingo Bingo. Here’s how it works:

The aim is to get as many different kinds of baby’s output out of one nappy in just three hours. So, if you’ve got wee, that’s one square on your Flamingo Board you can blot out. If there’s also a solid, that’s two. If you get a poopsplosion on top of that, congratulations – you just won Flamingo Bingo!

Of course, you have to clean it up now, so perhaps it’s not much of a win after all.

The outer layer of this cloth nappy is made of a waterproof material called PUL – it keeps all those Bingo points inside the diaper. The inner layer which rests on baby’s bum is made of a stay-dry material called suede cloth. This wicks moisture away from their bottom, helping to keep them feeling dry and comfy.

Outer material:
Inner lining material: Stay-dry suede cloth

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