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Kid Got Style

Hemp flats

Hemp flats

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Hemp flats are a favourite among cloth nappy users due to their high absorbency and trimness, and our range stands out. We prep all of our flats – we wash and iron them before sewing so they don’t stretch and shrink as much when they’re in your hands.

Because hemp absorbs a little slower than other types of fabric, we recommend pairing them with a bamboo cotton, pure bamboo or charcoal bamboo insert.

All of our flats are hand-sewn in our Kid Got Style workshop. They’re also partially prepped, meaning they need fewer washes than traditional flats before reaching full absorbency. This also means that they won’t stretch and shrink as much as many other brands’ flats do.

Please allow 5 – 7 working days for delivery. We try our best to get these to you sooner, but because they’re handmade at our HQ, it takes time to put so much care into our work.

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