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Tiny Monsters

Tiny Monsters

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Say hello to Darryl, Egg, Bean, Sean (pronounced ‘seen’), Tina, Mitchum and Gustavo. These are some of the adorable tiny monsters on this charcoal bamboo cloth nappy.

They’re a naughty bunch – getting in where they shouldn’t and causing all kinds of havoc. Luckily, we’ve captured them here and they’re under control.

If you do buy this nappy, treat our tiny monsters well, will you? 💗

The exterior consists of PUL, a waterproof material that keeps your little one’s tiny monsters leaking out. The inside is a gloriously soft charcoal bamboo fleece that feels like the softest, squishiest pillow.

Outer material: PUL
Inner lining material: charcoal bamboo fleece

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